Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hiding the Kcups

Obsessed much?! Ace Ventura was on over the weekend and his classic, used way too many times in middle school line sums up how I feel about my Keurig coffee maker.

I   L   o   v   e    it.

I'm talking totallyoverthetop, close my eyes and sigh. Love it.

What I don't love are the little k cups tumbling out of the cardboard box on my kitchen counter. I really didn't want to invest in one of the special racks they sell just for k cups. My spice rack already takes up too much room on my counter and it certainly doesn't need a coffee counterpart.

First I tried filling up a pretty bowl with the little guys. Eh. I wasn't sold. Cute, but it still seemed messy to me.

Then my mom brought me this pretty tin back from England and wouldn't you know...the k cups stack up perfectly inside.